Inspire contagious curiosity for nature.

Build joyfully compassionate relationships.




Leaning in close, you feel your child's small, eager fingers tapping frantically on your back as you inspect a curiously inviting mottled green butterfly tip-toeing on a fragrant crimson flower. In that moment, as you stare into your child's jovial eyes, you realize a magical kinship has begun.

At The Frolicking Tree, we help you create free-spirited nature exploration that evokes awe and contagious curiosity from young and old.

We are redefining the walk in the park, and turning ridiculously awesome families into passionate pioneers. Gather up your tiny traversers and meet us under the frolicking tree! It's time to explore!


Grow with us!

The Frolicking Tree is a new adventure! We are in our early stages of budding and will soon be blossoming with loads of playful resources that inspire contagious curiosity for discovering the natural world together.