Are you looking for activities for your preschooler that fill you both up, rather than just pass the time and tick the educational boxes?

At The Frolicking Tree, we help you create child-led nature explorations with activity resources that inspire creativity and curiosity.

With an invitation to play, children learn through self-directed, open-ended investigation that they ask for over and over again.


Partnering with your child in holistic and creative learning cultivates a comfort in independent pretend play: perfect for those times when you need a few minutes, but don’t want to turn on that video.


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Inspire contagious curiosity for nature.

Build joyfully compassionate relationships.


Grow with us!

The Frolicking Tree is a new adventure! We are in our early stages of budding and will soon be blossoming with loads of playful resources that inspire contagious curiosity for discovering the natural world together.

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Learn about child-led nature exploration 

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